Palace of Saints Michael and George

The Palace of Saints Michael and George is a palace in the city of Corfu on the island of the same name.

Its second name is Old Palace. The palace was built for Sir Thomas Maitland, the British High Commissioner to the Ionian Islands.
It was used as the residence of the High Commissioner but was also used as the seat of the Ionian Senate and the Order of Saints Michael and George.

The cornerstone was laid on St. George’s Day in 1819. The site of the Palace is located between the old town hall of Corfu and the Venetian castle.

After the unification of the Ionian Islands with the Kingdom of Greece in 1864, the palace served as a royal residence until World War II.
He was not hit by the Italian bombing of Corfu during the Corfu incidents.

It suffered the most damage from its use as a temporary shelter for refugees from Epirus during the Greek Civil War.

The Greek state was able to restore the interior of the palace in 1954 with the help of a private trust organized by Sir Charles Peake, the then British Ambassador to Greece.


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