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23 Apr

Old fortress

The Old Fortress of Corfu is built on a rocky peninsula with two characteristic hills and is the eastern end of the city.
The location of the peninsula is located east of the ancient city of "Korkyra", between the bay of Corfu in the north and the bay of Garitsa in the south.

This location was an ideal choice, as it allowed easy access to the sea network and full control of the neighboring coasts, while the high fortifications in combination with the artificial moat made it impossible for any intruder to access. After the 6th century the site was fortified and acquired the first inhabitants, who were the survivors of the Gothic ruins in the Ancient city of Corfu. 

The fortress was created after the 15th century by the Venetian fortifications in the oldest Byzantine capital of the island, with the Byzantine fortifications being replaced for the most part by their Venetian counterparts.

The Republic of Venice created a technical canal, the "Contra Fossa" that connected the bay of Corfu with the bay of Garitsa and turned the Byzantine capital into an artificial island.


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